High Probability Day Trading

Our Start

Retired in Florida 8 Years ago started Day Trading as a hobby that could be productive and it became a passion.

Our mission is to provide insight into trade-able setups with a high probability of multiple candle moves in the desired direction. Also investigating candle formations favorable for a entry timed for minimal amount of draw down. You will find tutorial videos covering TC2000 Stock Trading Platform. How to setup charts, create scanners, write custom formulas, and other basic user information.

Our Mission

I have seen so many New traders start out finding some of the chat forums with 100's of traders logged in hanging on every word the moderator is posting or saying. They are generally watching low price stocks ranging from $ .80 to $ 15.00, mostly in the 4.00 to 8.00 range. These stocks are up big pre market or the day before on super heavy volume and they are watching for the next pop. So they call it a buy if it crosses x amount and trade it. What happens is everyone rushes in (the moderator and other big size traders with 1000's of shares (maybe 10,000's of shares) the little guys jump in too, the stock pops .16 cents starts jerky back and forth .06 to .12 cents, then pulls back hard.

Here's what most likely just happen. The big traders were selling parts of their shares at .05 profit, then .12, then the last share holdings at .15 (most likely selling a lot to the small traders that were watching the pop making sure if was going up before they started sending in market orders to buy). Then the pull back starts and the few shares left in the accounts of the big size traders are getting dumped fast, all the little guys panic, selling at market or sending limit orders that totally get NOT FILLED, so then they sell at market even much lower than they could have gotten filled for with market orders just seconds before.

The little guys lose hundreds of dollars several times over in a few weeks. But they are so enticed by the two trades that they made $ 250 to $300 on that they can't step back to look at their overall account value and the effects that are adding up. So they continue to hang out in the trading room, don't change how they are trading , until they bust there accounts.

The other trades that are being taught are stocks at the bottom of the daily price range, they try to enter long (bounce trades) position trades at the lowest levels which are generally taken too soon. The stock moves up a little, jerks around, then pulls back and stops them out for losing trades as well. Then 30 minutes later the same stock goes up .75 cent to $ 2.00 range and they didn't trade it that time.

I have seen this happen to so many traders. Including me in the beginning. These traders then think the higher price stocks will take their money quicker because they think the higher price stocks will have even bigger jerks and take more of their money even quicker. Their are some that will jerk around with larger spreads especially in areas where the bulls and bears are fighting it out, but for the most part the spreads are very tight and can be entered with .10 to .18 risk. SO OUR MISSION IS TO RE-EDUCATE those who wish to learn.

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