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TC2000 Easy Scans Services

For those of you who do not wish to spend hours and even days learning to navigate, setting up charts with indicators, creating a good overall layout for your pc, and learning the basics of creating scanners and custom pcf indicators we Offer Tutoring Services

TC2000 Custom Built Easy Scans Services


Custom Built Scanners

Quoted by Project Email:

Tutoring Services

1 Hour   $  50.00

3 Hours $ 100.00

Suggested is 3 hour package

1 Hour will get you a few basic charts, watch list and basic navigation

3 Hours includes 1 hour and adding custom indicators, best practices for creating, naming, and using scanners.  Creating Custom Scanner columns and saving a templates.  Working with Layouts.

Many customers Use about a 120 to 140 minutes, then use TC2000 for several days and Schedule the balance of the Training time to refresh their skills and ask questions that they acquired while they were using TC2000 the first few days.

Sign up for TC2000 from the link below and Receive an additional hour of Tutoring with your Training Package

Day Trader Setups Discount

At checkout, you will automatically receive a $25 discount from Day Trader Setups


When you use this link, you then ENTER YOUR EMAIL, download the TC2000 Platform, then select pricing package AFTER the download.  You will not be charged until you activate.  IF YOU DO NOT DOWNLOAD first when you arrive at the next page YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE your $ 25.00 Discount.

Sign up for Trading Account and Receive 25.00 Off

Tutorial Series

Learn to setup charts, add indicators, draw trend lines, create alerts from your indicators and trend lines, and create Easy Scans from your chart indicators.

Our Tutorials Focus on the task at hand.  Many more training videos availiable at



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