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TC2000 Tutorial Services

Sorry we can no longer justify the time to Offer Tutoring Services.  Please see the link on the lower part of this page for a link to our you tube Getting Started videos.  Hopefully you will find them helpful.

We are still offering our Easy Scan Services.

TC2000 Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

Not Available

Custom Built Scanners

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If you are using or decide on something other than TC2000 many other platforms are extremely hard to build custom indicators.  

We use PatternSmart for our custom indicators outside of TC2000.  Shawn is very helpful and patient.  We are very demanding in our needs and PatternSmart always comes through.

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Tutorial Series

Learn to setup charts, add indicators, draw trend lines, create alerts from your indicators and trend lines, and create Easy Scans from your chart indicators.

Our Tutorials Focus on the task at hand.  Many more training videos availiable at



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