We offer a 7 Day Trial of our Proprietary STS Pivot System Charting Package to be used with Ninja Trader Platform ONLY  and includes a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee of your Full Payment of $ 69.00 (1st Month Subscription Fee)  You will have 10 Days from Today to Request a Refund if you are not Fully Satisfied and do not wish to continue use of our STS Pivot System Charting Package. 

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Our Mission is to provide well timed alerts into trade-able setups with a high probability of multiple candle moves in the desired direction. We don't teach scalping for quick in and out trades. Our goal in every entry is to remain in the trade for 3 to 8 bars on average. We scan for our setups on many time frame charts looking for intraday and multi day trades setups.  Multi Day can be used by Stock and Option Traders as well.

If you can combine our bigger time frame alerts from our Active Trader Alerts log with a Weekly Bull Zone Break a multi week Swing Trade can develop.


Not Gone in 60 Seconds

If you are looking for the low price super flyers this is not the place for you, but there are plenty of places out there that specialize in those stocks and that style of trading.  If you later decide to try something different please check us out again in the future.

Many traders are teaching and achieving consistent big results for themselves from the quick in and out style. Many other traders are watching and learning from those successful traders and trading profitably as well. If that style of day trading technique is working for you on a daily basis and your account balances are growing month over month please don't change a thing.​

What I find so often is this.  Most new Traders are enticed by this quick in and out TRADING.  They even make a few quick in and out trades for $ 200 to $ 500 dollar quick profits and they are hooked. BUT they get in so many other trades that pull back very quickly and they accumulate a lot of losing trades that destroy there account balances.  That style of trading just did not work for ME and nor did the risk reward.