Stock Trading Indicators

Stock Trading Package includes Pre Built Charts optimized with our ATS Wick Aglo candlesticks as well, Pre-built Workspaces, Chart Templates, and Market Analyzer's with Scanners and Alerts

Our modified version with Locked Settings
Driven by our Innovative ATS Wick Algo Candlesticks

View ATS Wick Algo Candlestick using ATS Chart Trader Management

Pre Built Scanners and Alerts Looking for Retracements to our Cloud Yellow Line Levels

View Setup Trading Video using Chart Trader Management

View ATS Inflection Point Indicator Chart Setups

Proprietary Daily Inflection Points representing the Last 10 Trading Days
Proprietary Daily Inflection Points representing the Last 10 Trading Days
Shown with Standard 10 Minute Candlesticks

View Flag Pattern Setup using Chart Trader Management

Anticipated Flag Patterns in the Cloud - A Top Trading Setup

View Examples of the STS Force Reversal Trade Setup

STS Force Reversal is only Triggered with Extreme Shifts in Pressure
Cloud Levels are the Key to the Next Setup

The last Twist is the hint to the Higher Probability of the Direction

The Clouds provide the likely Inflection and Consolidation Areas
If the Price Action reacts to the Level you have a possible Trade
If there is no reacts you wait for the Next Setup

View Setup Trading Video using Chart Trader Management

BaseLine Plot is a Key Inflection Level when maintaining the Current Trend

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  • ATS Chart Trader Trade Management - Complete Trade Management with our Chart Trader. Using our ATS Wick Candlestick manage Entries on Reversal Bars, Scale out Settings, Trailing Stops, or Hard Stops. Completely customizable.
  • ATS Wick Algo Candlestick - Take the noise our of your trading. Set bar size to your preference. Know exactly what it takes to Plot a Reversal Bar on your charts. Build your trading plan around the Price Action.
  • ATS Inflection Point Indicator Charts - Trader's Choice Top Indicator for Stock Charts - Daily Inflection Points Plotted. Levels carried forward for 10 days Plotted on Charts with Scanners and Alerts Included. Also includes key Intra Session plots covering price action from last 3 days trading.
  • DTS Ichimoku Cloud Pattern Trade Setups - Utilize our Cloud Charts to anticipate High Probability candlestick patterns to Enter your Trades. Our Retracement Setups can Place Reversals within a few ticks to pre plotted Cloud Levels.
  • Trend Shift Pivot Zone with Projection Charting - Colored Trend Shift Pivot plotted from Long Bias to Short Bias includes Colored Power Momentum Bands. As price action nears Pivot Zone Areas the Proprietary Projection Charting alerts the Price Level of the Shift.
  • STS Force Indicator - Reads strength in current price action. Excellent for reading a Assertive Reversal when plotted using our ATS Wick Algo Bar

Active Trader Setups Trading Package

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