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We have put together an Awesome Opportunity with TC2000 to Open a Paper Trading Account without the need to Fund a Brokerage account.   Watch our Video Series on two Branded You Tube channels.  And learn daily in our Trader's Live Chatroom as we discuss and recap the trade setups with live charts and audio.

Day Trader Setups has teamed up with TC2000 to bring this opportunity to you.  Just link here to TC2000, select the Gold Package for $ 29.99, plus $ 14.99 for US Realtime Data.  Your total Monthly Bill will be $  44.98.


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Day Trader Setups Discount

At checkout, you will automatically receive a $ 25 discount from Day Trader Setups

Congratulations you have just found your way to avoid the most often ignored advice and costly mistake Beginner's make.  And that is NOT Paper Trading while they learn. This is the most affordable and educational way to learn to day trade.  No costly training series or webinars to pay for.  You can start with TC2000 for $ 44.98 per month.  Learn what the charts and price action indicate by studying your charts and watching our videos.  Move yourself into our Traders Live Chat Room and paper trade real time.  Six months cost for TC2000 and Traders Live Chat Room is less than $685 dollars.  Where else can you get a 6 month hands on training course for anything remotely close to that value.

You can also take advantage of our New Member $49 Offer to our members only website (see home page for details).  When you join you are required to watch our Orientation Video and then you are invited each Tuesday Evening for Live Q&A Training Sessions which are included in the membership.  There are also many Trading Setup Training Videos as well in our members area.  Many websites charge $500, $1000, and even $5000 for access to this type of Training material.

You will be learning to chart and scan with one of the most popular and powerful platforms available.  TC2000 has been Voted Best Stock Software under $ 500 25 Years Straight.




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