With DTN IQFeed receive streaming market data and news, deep historical information, and proprietary content for analysis through our own tools or dozens of third-party analytics software packages.

There’s nothing more essential to trading well than having access to the latest and best information. DTN makes high-quality data analysis, and trading tools available to you in an integrated, easy-to-use fashion, delivering actionable insights that boost profitability and provide a competitive edge.

Active Trader Setups recommends DTN IQFeed for the fastest and most reliable true tick by tick data.  Active trading is all about trying to take advantage of short-term movements in price. It can be a high-volume business, and pennies and seconds matter. There’s nothing more essential to making profitable trading decisions than having access to the latest, most reliable, most comprehensive information.

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Interactive Brokers is one of the top brokerages for active traders.  If you trade small share size the commissions are extremely attractive.  If you trade larger share size there are many commissions levels available to fit your trading style.

Major Global brokerage footprint. 

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